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About Sudoku X Puzzles

Sudoku X Puzzle Rules

The rules of Sudoku X Puzzles are as follows:

Here is an image of the start position of a sudoku X puzzle:

Sudoku X Puzzle

Sudoku X is one of the more commonly seen variants of sudoku, and one of the easiest to understand, as there are no new rules as such, just additional regions. Whereas standard sudoku on a 9x9 grid has 27 regions, in a sudoku X puzzle there are 29 regions instead. The key to solving them is to remember that these two extra regions exist and using the information they provide to help you reduce the options for squares and hence solve the puzzle.

Play A Sample Sudoku X Puzzle

Like to have a go at the sudoku X puzzle that is displayed above? Then you can do so for free online with our Online Sudoku X Puzzle Player

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Strategy and Solving Tips for Sudoku X Puzzles

All of our sudoku X puzzles have a single solution that can be reached through the use of logical rules alone, no guessing is ever required. In order to solve a sudoku X puzzle you will use the same logic as with standard sudoku, but remembering to apply it to the diagional 'X' regions, too; here are some solving tips: