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About Noughts and Crosses Puzzles

Noughts and Crosses Puzzle Rules

The rules of Noughts and Crosses Puzzles are as follows:

Here is an image of the start position of a noughts and crosses puzzle:

Noughts and Crosses Puzzle

The first rule means that, for instance, on an 8x8 grid such as the puzzle shown here, there are four noughts (0) and four crosses (X) to be placed in each row and column of the grid. The second rule is fairly self-explanatory, and means that a run of 000 or XXX in consecutive squares is banned. The third rule is perhaps the hardest to grasp, but simply means that the makeup of each row is unique, and each column is unique. Thus if column one contains 0X0X0X0X then no other column can contain the same sequence.

If you'd like to see the rules explained using the sample grid above, then this video should prove of interest:

Play A Noughts and Crosses Puzzle

You may have come across this puzzle type under various names such as binary puzzle and kurosu; there are various other names too. However if you've not played it before, you might like to have a go at a puzzle with our Online Noughts and Crosses Puzzle Player

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Noughts and Crosses Puzzle Solving Tips and Techniques

If you join our puzzle club above, you'll be able to play a new noughts and crosses puzzle every day of the year. None of the puzzles will ever require guessing or have multiple solutions, but you'll need to be good at spotting the patterns that will help you solve the puzzles. Here are some solving tips and techniques for you:

This video contains a complete walkthrough of how to solve the puzzle shown on this page. So, once you've read the rules and had a go at the puzzle, you might like to watch the video, which uses the solving tips and techniques shown above to successfully solve the puzzle: