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About Minesweeper Puzzles

Minesweeper Puzzle Rules

The rules of Minesweeper Puzzles are as follows:

Here is an image of the start position of a minesweeper puzzle:

Minesweeper Puzzle

It's important to know that you don't need to guess to solve a minesweeper puzzle. However, you will often need to cross-reference between different clue numbers in the grid in order to make progress and reduce the options. The strategy section at the bottom of the page will go through some solving methodology to help you make progress when solving minesweer puzzles.

When solving minesweeper puzzles using our online minesweeper player, below, there are two ways of interacting with the grid: with the keyboard, press the 'M' key to place a mine in your chosen square in the grid, which will appear as a red circle. Press 'M' again to remove the mine. To mark a square as clear with the keyboard, press 'X', and a blue 'X' will appear in the square.

If you do not have access to a keyboard, for instance if you are using a touchscreen device, then you can use the 'Mine' and 'Clear' buttons to the right of the grid accordingly: select a square, and press 'Mine' to place a mine in the square, or to remove an existing mine, and press 'Clear' to mark a square as clear with an 'X', or press it again to remove the 'X' that is currently in a square.

Here is a video that visually explains the rules of minesweeper puzzles:

Play A Sample Minesweeper Puzzle

If you'd like to have a go at solving the example puzzle shown in our sample image above, then you can do so for free online with our Online Minesweeper Puzzle Player

If you enjoy this puzzle type, you can join our online Puzzle Connoisseur's Club for £12 or $17 a year and play a new Minesweeper Puzzle puzzle every day of the year, together with many other fun and interesting logic puzzles.

Strategy and Solving Tips for Minesweeper Puzzles

If you'd like to see a walkthrough of a complete solve of the sample puzzle, then you can do so by watching the video below:

All our minesweeper puzzles have a single, unique solution, that can be achieved through logical methodologies. Here are some solving tips for minesweeper puzzles.

minesweeper cross-referencing logic