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About Futoshiki Puzzles

Futoshiki Puzzle Rules

The rules of futoshiki puzzles are as follows:

Here's what a typical futoshiki puzzle looks like:

Futoshiki Puzzle

You'll notice, as per the rules, there are various greater than and less than symbols between squares. Notice that in various places these chain between cells, so that you know for a series of cells what the relationship between them is. This can be important when solving puzzles (see the solving tips below).

When solving the puzzles, you'll need to use a combination of classic sudoku rules: where can N go in this row or column, and which values can go in this square, together with the additional logic introduced by the inequality symbols.

Play A Futoshiki Puzzle

If you'd like to try to solve the puzzle shown above, then you can have a go via our Online Futoshiki Puzzle Player

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Strategy and Solving Tips for Futoshiki Puzzles

Here are some tips on solving futoshiki puzzles, using the above puzzle as an example as relevant:

Video solve of the example futoshiki puzzle

If you've had a go at solving the example futoshiki puzzle above, or are simply looking to find out how to solve these puzzles, then the video below solves the example futoshiki step-by-step and walks through the techniques used to solve it, such as those outlined above: