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About ABCD Logic Puzzles

ABCD Logic Puzzle Rules

The rules of ABCD Logic Puzzles are as follows:

Here is an image of the start position of an ABCD logic puzzle:

ABCD Logic Puzzle

Noting the rules above, the 'C' above column one means that the first letter encountered in that column is a C. This means the first square in the column must be a C, *or* it is a blank and the C is in the second square in the column, *or* both the first and second squares in the column are blank and the third square in the column contains the C. This means that where a letter is given at the start of a region it can never appear in the fourth, fifth or sixth positions of the region (and vice versa if a letter appears at the end of a row or column it cannot appear in the first, second or third square of that region).

If you would like a visual explanation of the rules, here is a video outlining the above:

Play A Sample ABCD Logic Puzzle

If you'd like to have a go at solving an ABCD Logic Puzzle, then you can play the example shown above in our Online ABCD Logic Puzzle Player

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Strategy and Solving Tips for ABCD Logic Puzzles

All our ABCD Logic Puzzles have a single solution that can be reached through the application of logical rules alone - no guessing is ever required. Here are a few pointers to help you get started with the example puzzle above: